Hi. My name is Sandro Young. Ever since I was a kid I loved to draw. I would draw everything from my favorite basketball players to made up Star Wars characters. When I became an adult, I got too busy for art. Between being a dad and husband I felt like I had little time to draw. Then came last year.

Our lease was up on the house we were renting and we couldn't find a decent place in our price range. To add insult to injury, a hurricane came through and our "evacuation vacation" wiped out any deposit money we had for a place. So we crashed at my in-laws for what ended up being six months.During that time, I found it hard to stay positive. I wanted to give my family the best I could and the house search was killing me. It was then that I found some old dear friends....pen and paper.

I started drawing every day. Sometimes for hours. My son Tegan and I would sit at the kitchen table and just scribble and laugh. I felt like a kid again.The difference this time was in the content of my drawings. I traded in stick drawings of made up Jedi and Timberwolves players for rough sketches of tents and campers. During this same time I started developing a connection to the outdoors which seemed to unite in perfect symbiosis with my reclaimed love for art. I hashed out ideas for a small T-shirt and hat company. One night I was scratching down arbitrary names and settled on "Dusty Nomad." It seemed to mesh with my current housing conundrum. Life moved on however.

We found a place, moved out, got busy with work and I stopped drawing. But Dusty Nomad never left me. The small seed I planted in my brain laid dormant, waiting to be watered. That water came in the form of graphic design. I've always loved branding and logos, and would sometimes design for my dad's business or a friend. I finally took the plunge and began teaching myself to use Adobe Illustrator. It was really hard at first. I thought many times about just deleting the app off of my laptop. Then one night I was sitting there playing with fonts, and I typed the words "Dusty Nomad." I stared at the screen, remembering all of the concept sketches I made. The next morning I started working.

Every day I designed. I loved it. I hated it. Many times I questioned myself. I still do. But here we are. I am so thrilled and nervous to share this experience with all of you. I hope you like it. Heck, I hope you love it. Either way, I'm incredibly proud of this little company. Dusty Nomad is a brand for everyone. Whether you're a grizzled veteran of the outdoors or just wish you went camping more often, these products are for you. I've adopted the slogan "The Road Less Traveled." Maybe for some it's literal. I love those #vanlife instagram accounts. But maybe you're like me and trying something new and scary. Hats off to you. Thank ya'll so much for your support.